Sponsorship / Fund-raising:

Double Platinum works closely with clients to secure sponsorships from suitable corporations and individuals. We advise clients on the appropriate levels of sponsorship to easily attract and secure numerous sponsors. We address both clients' and sponsors' needs, creating a win-win situation to ensure total satisfaction. Double Platinum also focuses on fund-raising to integrate the entertainment and charitable industries. Giving back to charity is something we at Double Platinum absolutely believe in.


Artist Booking for Private & Corporate Events:

Our personal and professional connections in the entertainment industry allow us to secure artist booking for exclusive private and corporate events. We make all necessary arrangements to grant our clients' brand/event the best possible exposure. Our direct relationships with artists, musicians, and celebrities put us in a unique position to negotiate around other fees that the talent may be contractually obligated to pay. Double Platinum's direct access guarantees a discounted rate for our clients/events as well as streamlines the negotiation process with the artist.



Gifting Lounges / Events:

The gifting suite is an exclusive area designated for product showcase which allows for companies to directly gift high profile celebrities. Gifting suites are utilized for promotional and marketing purposes such as capturing photos of influential stars with products. Double Platinum works alongside product companies and/or major events (Oscars, Grammy Foundation, VH1 Save the Music, Sundance Film Festival) to produce event driven product placement. Companies have the opportunity to market and align their products with celebrities which allow them to stay ahead of the competition.

Double Platinum develops powerful implied celebrity endorsements, personal appearances and product showcasing that can establish your company as the choice of today's hottest celebrities. From award shows, gift lounges, charity events, celebrity parties and launch parties, we are successful in getting our clients' product placed into the hands of today's most influential celebrities, creating a lasting unique memory of every event!



There is no question about the extraordinary high level of influence that celebrities have in our society. From negotiations and budgeting down to contractual details Double Platinum will identify and secure appropriate representatives to increase awareness of your brand.

Double Platinum develops powerful implied celebrity endorsement photo opportunities, personal appearances and product showcasing that can establish your company as the choice of today's hottest celebrities. Double Platinum can guarantee to get your products placed into the hands of today's most influential celebrities.



Product Placement in Television, Film, and Print:

It's a proven fact that when people see their favorite celebrities holding, wearing or even standing near certain products in movies or television, they will buy them. Consumers are influenced to purchase a product when they see brand logo, hear verbal mention or recognize a product they are familiar with in any entertainment property. Double Platinum is riding the wave of the future with digital product placement, as we strongly believe that this marketing tool is more cost effective and beneficial to both product companies and networks. Double Platinum provides the opportunity to align companies with celebrities, television, and film.